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  • Is the company just a pawn shop in disguise?

    While many of our competitors are simply pawn shops made to look a whole lot "nicer" on the Web, Recycle Platinum is most definitely not a pawn shop. Online pawn shops often require some personal financial information from customers which can put the customer at risk for identity theft. Pawn shop customer service, if any, is often cold and impersonal. And, while many states have different pawn shop regulations, some online pawn shops can sidestep those regulations and engage in harmful business practices. At Recycle Platinum, there's never any need to sacrifice your comfort, privacy, or financial security. We provide warm, friendly service from experienced professionals you can trust. We will never request financial information from you. And safeguards are in place to ensure that any information you give us is extremely secure.

  • For how long has the company been offering cash-for-platinum services?

    A key factor in determining whether you should do business with a company is how long the company has been buying spent and scrap platinum for cash. Companies offering cash-for-platinum services for less than a year often lack the experience to understand how to run the business efficiently and best serve its customers. We at Recycle Platinum have 50+ years of scrap platinum-buying services under our belt; our decades of experience have helped us to set up a system of checks and balances that will best serve our clients' interests by providing the fast, free, and friendly service our many thousands of satisfied customers seek.

  • does the company belong to any associations?

    We are proud members of both the Jeweler's Vigilance Council (JVC) and the Jeweler's Board of Trade (JBT), both of which exist to uphold the highest of ethical standards in the jewelry industry. Our jewelers are trained and accredited by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), ensuring the most expert handling of your possessions.To ensure expert tracking of your goods to and from our secure facility, we partner with FedEx®. Your FedEx® package is automatically insured up to $5,000 in the event of loss or damage. Upon pre-approval, we offer additional insurance coverage up to $100,000 at no extra cost. To get approved, please call us at (800) 538-8188.* Lastly, to provide a speedy payment, we have integrated with Paypal. If this payment method is selected, customer can receive payment in as quickly as 24 hours from offer acceptance. When it comes to customer service, Recycle Platinum raises the bar!

  • Does the company have an adequate staff of skilled professionals?

    No matter how fancy its website is, a company is only as good as its worst employee. Companies with few trained or many unskilled staff members are far less likely to have the resources, know-how, or motivation to meet their customers' needs. We, on the other hand, maintain a staff of hand-selected professionals, each with demonstrated scrap metal and customer service expertise — a number of whom are bilingual — to provide all Recycle Platinum customers with the fast, free, and friendly service we feel every customer deserves. We've also extended the hours of our toll-free customer service line at (800) 538-8188 so you'll have even more opportunities to speak to a real person and ask away without worrying about your phone bill!

  • Does the company supply free, secure, and insured shipping materials?

    Several of our competitors have created mailing packages that look like the Recycle Platinum, but fail to provide the more costly safeguards like our state-of-the-art materials, reliable tracking system, and insurance. Would you be comfortable sending your valuables to someone you didn't know with nothing more than a shipping label and no mention of package safety, tracking, or insurance? We didn't think so. That's why we developed the Platinum-Pak, our exclusive, specially-designed mailing kit for sending your spent and scrap platinum safely and securely through FedEx®. From bar-coded tracking form to polymer safety bag to specially-designed shipping materials, we provide all our customers with free, superior, self-insured packaging materials for the safe and secure transport of their valuables to us. But beware of impostors!

  • Does the company maintain a package tracking system?

    Some of our competitors may claim to have a system in place for supervising your platinum once the company receives it. But is this "system" ever fully explained? Does the company employ state-of-the-art package tracking tools? At Recycle Platinum, our seamless package tracking technology, complete with streaming video check-in and automated bar code entry, ensures that the contents of every Platinum-Pak we receive are checked in, weighed, recorded, and tracked throughout the assessment process. As a result, the valuables in our custody are entirely trackable and exceptionally secure.

  • Does the company have an anti-money laundering program?

    Federal law requires that every company engaged in the jewelry-buying business have an anti-money laundering (AML) program to deter terrorist activity. Any company not having such a program is subject to significant penalties and sanctions. Thus, to avoid putting you and your valuables at risk, you should ask any company you're considering doing business with for proof of its AML program and the date the program was established. Recycle Platinum's AML program is published, accepted, and audited as required by federal law.

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