What Platinum Items Can I Sell for Cash?

From jewelry to collectors’ coins, platinum items may be less common, but they are valuable assets that you can turn into quick cash. In fact, most platinum items are worth more than gold!

What exactly is platinum?

Just like gold, platinum is a naturally occurring metal found around the world. It is best known for its white color, closer to silver than gold. In fact, platinum is often referred to as "white gold". But, did you know that platinum is actually less common and more valuable than gold? In fact, platinum is about ten times rarer than gold.

Platinum is much heavier in weight and denser than gold and other metals. That means, when its used to make jewelry, it is often used in a purer form than gold or silver items – making platinum items much more valuable. Platinum jewelry and other items are commonly made from 95% platinum. The hard texture of platinum makes it almost impossible to scratch. Platinum items are also much more resistant to tarnishing or corrosion than silver or gold. For platinum jewelry wearers, older items may keep their value longer than gold or silver items because they look newer longer.

Everyday items that contain platinum

Do you have any of these common household items made from platinum lying around? If so, you could turn those items into cash quickly by selling to a reputable online dealer, without ever leaving your home.

Coins – While gold coins may be more common for investors and collectors, many of the same manufacturers around the world also produce valuable platinum bullion coins and bars. Some of the most common coins include the American Platinum Eagle, the Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf, the Australian Platinum Koala, the Chinese Platinum Panda and the Austrian Vienna Philharmonic.

Jewelry – Platinum is a premier choice for jewelry makers and is common in wedding bands and engagement rings. But other jewelry items, from earrings to necklaces, are also made from platinum. To find out if your jewelry is platinum, check for a hallmark on the item. This is a small stamped symbol that shows how much platinum is in the item. For example, 950 Plat (or Pt.) means the metal is at least 95% pure platinum.

Wires – Platinum can also be found inside some wires, including thermocouples, electrical contacts and heater coils. Scrap wires can be valuable, especially when collected and sold in bulk. To find out how much the items are worth, a professional evaluation is needed.

Interesting facts about platinum

  • Cancer-therapy drugs contain platinum, which is also used to treat tumors, because it is non-toxic and stable, so it doesn’t react to or negatively affect the body
  • Most of the world’s platinum comes from mines in South Africa (nearly 80%)
  • Using platinum to make jewelry started in the early 1900s, but this use was soon eclipsed by use in automobile manufacturing
  • Extracting platinum is hard! It can take six months to produce 30 grams of pure platinum. But, 30% of the platinum created each year is from recycled sources

How to sell platinum items online for cash

If you have platinum items, from jewelry you no longer wear to collectors’ coins or even scrap wire, it’s best to get the items valued by a professional before you sell. One way to get a free appraisal of your items before you sell them is to use an online platinum dealer. To find a reputable buyer, consider these important steps in the selling process:

  • Free shipping insured by the dealer – you should receive a free shipping label directly to your home and make sure the dealer provides shipping insurance and tracking
  • A free professional appraisal and written cash offer – you should be able to receive your items shipped back directly to you if you don’t agree on a price from the dealer
  • Price matching – many dealers offer a price match, so if you receive more than one offer, you can ask for the highest bid
  • Quick turnaround times – you should expect to receive your cash for the platinum items directly to the bank account or other online payment source of your choice within just a few days